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The Jeff & Jill Pinter Farm
The Pinter dairy milks 90 cows and raises bull calves to sell

as feeders at 7501bs. The farm also grows cash crops. The

Pinter's have been farming for 34 years on the same farm

where Jill was raised. Over the years, the family has

enjoyed local fairs and school activities where the kids

were very active participants. Exhibiting at the Clark

County Fair and the Central Wisconsin State Fair was a

regular event during the summer.

The family has grown in age and farm experience and includes son Justin, 32, daughter Joni, and another daughter Jade, age 19. Keeping Agriculture in the family, all three children have pursued higher education within the Agricultural field. Joni graduated from UW River Falls with a degree in Agricultural Business. She is currently married to a Marine and living on base on the East Coast. Jade is attending UW River Falls and pursuing a degree in agriculture with a double major of Agricultural Business and Ag. Science. Justin graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Agricultural Business and currently works for a major agriculture business in the Midwest.

Throughout their years on the farm, the next generation has developed and nurtured a love of the land and a desire to continue the traditions started on the Pinter Farm. The next chapter is being written as the Pinter Farm participates in the Omega Valley Farmers ™ program.

Jeff Pinter currently serves on the board of directors for Heartland Cooperative Services. "Having a chance to be on the cutting edge of a new food product is good for the farmer and good for the Coop." Jeff said.