Blair Farm

The Blair farm is owned and operated by Douglas and

Dudley Blair and located off highway 29, east of

Abbotsford. Established in 1955, the third generation

continues the tradition with Grant learning the operation.

There are 65 milking cows and an additional

60 head of young stock. The farm is a real beauty
and showcases a meticulously run farm.

What major changes have you seen over the last 60

years? "Well, we went from filling milk cans to having a

bulk tank and pipeline." Doug said. In the beginning,

we did not have high moisture com and advancements

in equipment have surely helped. There are fewer hands today to do more work. When asked, "What advice would you give young farmers today? The first response was RUN!" But you have to know the quick witted humor that runs through the identical twin owners. Humor is surely the glue that keeps this farm lively and thriving. Seriously, "Knowing this is a lifestyle that you embrace, and depending on family support is key, said Douglas, or was it Dudley?

What are the biggest challenge facing farms today? "Without a doubt, weather and the extremes we have seen in the past few years keeps it interesting and challenging!"

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